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AC Records Vinyl Club 

It is a great venture organised by people who love the analogue sound and high quality.

Vinyl Club offer

  • pre-order shipping of our publications
  • access to a small number of limited-edition vinyls
  • discounts up to 15% off on our publications
  • access to records in digital formats
  • CD albums as gifts
  • ability to purchase test pressings
  • (if possible) ability to purchase autographed albums

We try to the best of our ability to record using in the best studios only analogue technology: valve amplifiers, tape microphones and so forth.

We allow the members of the AC Records Vinyl Club to access high-quality (96kHz) audio files from recording sessions and CDs.

Recordings will be available on professional magnetic tape secured by exclusive packaging.

Sign up today!

To sign up for AC Records Vinyl Club, pick one of the two memberships.

The option to sign up is available until the second record of the current season is released.

During the 2020-2021 season albums are released in quantities of 400 Standard (black vinyl) and 200 Limited Edition (colour vinyl) albums.

Faster delivery of every release

When it comes to shipping out new releases, we prioritise our Club Members. Thus, they can rest assured that they will receive the lowest serial numbers possible.

Non-Club Members will be sent their orders after all Club shipments are sent out.

For Club Members only

Our Club Members have exclusive access to downloadable files, are granted a discount on all products and receive special bonuses.


VC Standard


Includes: 6 Standard Edition LPs 
15% discount for all other LPs
Special and bonus editions
Valid 12 months


VC Limited


Includes: 6 Limited Edition LPs 
15% discount for all other LPs
Special and bonus editions
Valid 12 months

Our Partners

Reference listening setup

Here at AC Records we test-listen to our materials using a J. Sikora gramophone, various amplifiers and Aqustique Quality speakers with Soyaton cables.