Mozart Rocks & Swings” – release in April

Our second publishing season in mid-April brings the much-anticipated album, filled with unique compositions and unusual arrangements. “Mozart Rocks & Swings” is a truly innovative interpretation of the grand Viennese composer’s music. It is transferred into the world of contemporary sounds by the esteemed guitarist Marcin Wądołowski, among others.

ATTENTION! The release date of “Mozart” ends the possibility of joining the club. From this time, it will be possible to buy records only in the store without all the attractions and bonuses provided for club members.

It is an unusual approach to the classics that in an almost shocking way reminds a contemporary audience of the most eminent works of world music. The bold interpretation brought the uninhibited spirit of jazz and unrestrained energy of true rock to the classic compositions. The arrangements of Marcin Wądołowski sound this elegant thanks to the cooperation with experienced musicians: Adam Czerwiński, Piotr Lemańczyk and Artur Jurek.

Additionally, this innovative project was honoured with a guest appearance of a brilliant violinist, Alicja Śmietana. The refined sound of her violin gives the edition both a touch of power and gentleness.

If you think that combining the classics with modernity has nothing new to offer in today’s music, check out how Mozart’s “Requiem” is given a new lease of life!

The deep sound of this unique record is guaranteed by the collaboration with the Gdańsk-based Custom34 studio. It is famous for its world-class acoustic parameters and has already hosted many great artists from the alternative or popular music scene.

Recorded as a fully analogue track, using iconic microphones and natural acoustics, the classic pieces get their rightful form even in a modern interpretation, which is still full of the sense of experiencing something really great.

We invite you to try out our second publishing offer of the season. It will feature 150 coloured and 450 black editions, supplemented with liner notes by Hirek Wrona, a journalist and publicist.

The next season’s titles are already in production – and we are absolutely sure they are going to be killer editions!