New record: “Grooveoberek” MAP & Krzesimir Dębski

The record is the effect of the cooperation of leading artists of the Polish (and not only) jazz scene – Krzesimir Dębski, Marcin Wądołowski, Piotr Lemańczyk and Adam Czerwiński. The biggest advantage of the album is its genre and stylistic diversity. Thanks to it, the recording is a unique combination of traditional music with the modern vision of jazz. Particular attention must be given to the powerful guitar sound, the title composition of Adam Czerwiński, an intriguing reading of traditional Polish Little Hours or a jazz interpretation of Krzesimir Dębski hit song “Ranczo”.

The sound was recorded in Custom 34 Studio in Gdańsk by Piotr Łukaszewski while mastering was done by Sean Magee from Abbey Road Studios. The producer of the album is Adam Czerwiński.

The edition will be limited to 400 copies on the standard black 180-gram vinyl, and 190 copies on the limited grey vinyl edition.