New release – Adam Makowicz „Blue Sapphires”

An absolutely unique release in terms of music and technology. The material was recorded in the Custom 34 studio using only the analog track, straight to a narrow mastering tape. This is a unique, rare recording technology that makes the recorded sound close to natural.

Adam Makowicz, in his peak form, recorded several standards and his own compositions. The repertoire included such “hits” as Komeda’s ballad “Sleep Safe and Warm” or “Humoreska” by Dworzak. Recording this album, as he himself claims, was a very important event for him. The title, which he came up with personally, refers to the 45th anniversary of the release of the album “Adam” by CBS Columbia.

The instrument the artist recorded on is also unique. This is a Swedish piano from the Malmsjo brand, one of three existing examples in the world, the so-called “banana”. An interesting fact is that the strings in this piano do not cross each other, which has a very good effect on the quality and separation of sound. The piano is in 432Hz tuning.

Mastering and lacquer cutting was carried out at Abbey Road Studios in London. The entire process was supervised by Alex Wharton, who has produced masters for The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, The Rolling Stones, and Poul McCartney.

The record was released in July 2023. Limited edition of 1,000 hand-numbered pieces on 180g vinyl – 600 in black and 400 clear vinyl.