“Raindance” LP is available!

It is with great satisfaction and true relief we are happy to announce the Raindance LP available in our store and already on its way to all pre-paid club members.

Please find below some short recommendation we received already

Adam Czerwinski, without doubt, is one of the best international jazz drummers. Not only is he a fantastic musician and composer but he also loves high quality sound. The combination of these two passions – for music and the high-end sound – inspired Adam to set up his label, AC Records.

Adam’s records (both of AC Records and Abbey Road analogue remastered editions like Raindance) sound truly phenomenal.

So, what do we get when we put together great quality sound and the fantastic music by Adam Czerwinski and Darek Oleszkiewicz? A gem which should be given space in every music lover’s record collection. The album is a rare combination of great music and sound quality.

The album is simply captivating right from the beginning. It draws you in very quickly with its first beat right until the very last note. The analogue version starts with the beautiful Irving Berlin’s standard ‘How Deep Is The Ocean’. The rest are exceptionally good compositions by Adam Czerwinski, Darek Oleszkiewicz and Larry Koonse.

Adam and Darek have been friends since the start of their careers in the 80s. Since then, they have played and composed together on numerous occasions in Poland, Mexico and the USA, amongst many other places. They are well acquainted with the rest of the musicians with whom they have played many times in the past (which transpires on the album).

In my private and subjective opinion, Raindance is one of Adam’s best albums. Regardless of its genre and author, it is also one of my favourite records. I would also like to think that I have contributed towards its revival. One spring evening after a Krakow Sonic Association meeting (where Adam was presenting ACRecords premiere tapes, comparing them to the original laquer records and test-pressed vinyls) I played Raindance to him and asked whether he remembered the album. After listening he pondered and said ‘true, it’s a great record, I must do something with it’.

I hope you really enjoy the album.
Julian Soja