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Vinyl Club AC Records (hereinafter: the Club) is created by vinyl record lovers and its offer targets all people who also share this passion and love for the unique sound and the best quality of recording and production of vinyl records.

  1. The Club will be releasing vinyl records every second month. These will be special editions with no more than 500 copies, unavailable on the regular market.
  2. The Club enrollment is done on the Club’s official website, FB fanpage and affiliate points.
  3. Membership in the Club lasts 6 or 12 months and is realized on the basis of subscription of a particular number of records. The member is obliged to purchase the releases according to chosen subscription.
  4. Club members will receive information about the upcoming expiring date of the subscription one month earlier. No confirmation of the desire to continue the subscription causes termination of the Club membership and suspention of purchaising of the Club releases.
  5. Only the club member is allowed to purchase the Club releases.
  6. The club provides fixed prices for its vinyl recordings and optional discounts depending on the selected member plan.
  7. The club provides for VIP membership, which in addition to the specially tailored offer will entitle to co-create the Club’s release schedule.
  8. First 150 copies of every release will be available as numbered „Exclusive Edition” on the coloured vinyl.
  9. Exclusive Editions before introducing them to the regular offer, will be available based on number bidding for numbers 11 to 20 while numbers from 21 and up will be available for an extra charge.
  10. The club will provide access to paid and free additional releases in the form of vinyl records, CDs and files to be downloaded. Current prices of additional releases will be available on the Club’s website.
  11. The shipping costs of the subscriped releses are borne by the Club. The shipping costs of additional releases depends on payment method and value of the one-time purchase; they will be available on the club’s website.
  12. The Club will present to its members special offers and bonuses according to the declared subscription and additional purchases.
  13. All Club Members will systematically receive via email the newsletter containing the Club’s release schedule, planned special editions and concerts of artists recording in the AC Records. The newsletter will also contain curatorial notes of records, photos and videos from recording sessions.
  14. The Club’s regulations may change for the purposes of the AC Records offer development. Changing the regulations does not result in the termination of currently active subscriptions.



All isssues connectd with placing orders through are carried out by AC records (AD-DRUM,  Al. Wyzwolenia 10, Sulęczyno, Polska, NIP: 5591555719, REGON: 369329754).

We make every effort to ensure that the offered products are free of any defects. In the case of complaints, please contact us at The complaint will be processed as soon as possible.

Available forms of payment are a direct transfer to an account (mBank: 03 1140 2004 0000 3202 7826 2074) and online payments made by Blue Media S.A. – payment cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro.

In the case of a refund for a transaction made with a payment card, the seller will return the money to a bank account assigned to the payment card of the buyer, or another account given individually. In the case of payment by bank transfer – the refund will be made to the account from which the transfer was received.

The time of processing the order is counted from the moment of posting the payment on our account or receiving a positive authorization when paying by the card.

Orders are sent once a week.

Your personal data is processed only to the extent required by the applicable law for the needs of the execution and handling of orders.

The contract may be withdrawn within 14 days from the date of delivery of the product.