AC Records’ Vinyl Club

AC Records produces world-class recordings by focusing on the classic analogue sound and ensuring top-notch quality on every step.

Club member’s benefits

  • Vinyl Records unavailable in traditional distribution
  • Members-only limited editions
  • High-quality vinyl records pressed on 180g vinyl with exceptional graphic design
  • Possibility of purchasing test pressing records
  • Limited amount of signed records

We try to record all music in the best studios using only analogue techniques, with valve and ribbon microphones and valve amplifiers.

Alternative versions of published songs and whole recordings of the recording sessions are available fro purchase to the ACR Vinyl Club members.

AC Records offers each ACR Vinyl Club member high-quality (96kHz) digital versions of the recorded songs and CD editions of the albums.

Every record will be available for purchase in the form of an exclusively-packaged professional magnetic tape.

Vinyl Club AC Records launched!

At the moment we provide free shipping to Poland, and paid shipping to other European countries.

Shipping to North America shall be available soon, too.

English version is under development. In a meantime, please contact us by email. We will take care of your individual cases.

Online Shop is active!

All Vinyl Club and standalone LPs are available in our online shop.
Again, English version under development, but shop is a shop – pretty straight forward regardless the language 😉

Club News


Jarek Śmietana "A Story Of Polish Jazz" LP

Available in February 2019

180g vinyl, 500 numbered records.
The first 150 records on ‘transparent red’ vinyl.
Mastered for the analogue release in Abbey Road Studios

An absolute hit! The outstanding record finally released on vinyl!

Karolak-Czerwiński - In A Sentimental Mood

Karolak–Czerwiński „In A Sentimental Mood” LP

Available in January  2019

180g vinyl, 500 numbered records.
The first 150 records on ‘transparent red’ vinyl.
High-quality digital recordings from the sessions are available.
Custom made magnetic tape edition is also available.

Recorded in Custom 34 studio on a Studer 24-track magnetophone with the best analogue equipment and, simultaneously, digitally with ProTools.

Adam Czerwiński MAP - Kiedy Byłem

Adam Czerwiński MAP „Kiedy Byłem” LP


180g vinyl, 500 records
Mastered for the analogue release in Abbey Road Studios,
Pressing – DMS Ltd. UK

Recorded by a trio with a guest appearance from Grzegorz Skawiński. Classic Polish songs of Skaldowie, Czesław Niemen, Andrzej Zaucha and Tadeusz Nalepa rearranged.


Friends – Music of Jarek Śmietana 2xLP

Limited stock!

180G vinyl, 2xLP

An outstanding double tribute album to the late great jazz guitarist.

Recorded in Los Angeles, New York, Cracow and Warsaw with appearances of, among others, Zbigniew Namysłowski, Ptaszyn Wróblewski, Krzesimir Dębski, Wojciech Karolak, Garry Bartz, Larry Goldings, Eddie Henderson and John Scofield.