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AC Records has been founded and is owned by Adam Czerwiński. It’s thanks to him, that we may enjoy listening to excellent analogue productions of top polish and foreign jazz masters.

Adam Czerwiński is a versatile drummer, composer, arranger and music producer. During his career he was involved in recording of over 120 albums as sideman and 13 as a leader.

He cooperated with (among others) Jarosław Śmietana, Zbigniew Namysłowski, Krzesimir Dębski. Played and recorded with John Abercrombie, Garry Bartz, Eddie Henderson, Larry Goldings, John Scofield – to name just a few. Active live performer playing in all best concert halls of the World with musicians like Nigel Kennedy, Robert Plant czy Eric Clapton.

I love jazz, perfect music production and vinyls. That’s why AC Records is my dream that came true – Adam Czerwiński

AC Records is all about the highest quality vinyl, tape and CD editions.

strictly limited pressings (150 colour, 350 black)
strictly limited pressings (150 colour, 350 black)
exclusive covers with add-ons
exclusive covers with add-ons
perfect sound of Abbey Road Studios mastering
perfect sound of Abbey Road Studios mastering
free shipment in Poland
free shipment in Poland

Club News

Guarantee of the highest quality

Numbered limited editions

AC Records albums are available in regular distribution as well as for ACR Vinyl Club members. For its members, there are always some special offers waiting.

All records are numbered and available in two quantity controlled editions
Limited LP – 150pcs on coloured or transparent vinyl,
Standard LP – 350pcs on black heavyweight vinyl (180g)

10 first numbers from each album remains to sole disposal of AC Records.

Highest quality from A to Z

In AC Records we put all our attention and efforts to realisation of the highest grade recordings with best available equipment and to whole production process for all our records. No exceptions are made.

We are working with Abbey Road Studios on regular basis, that’s where we make our analogue mastering and vinyl cutting for further pressing.

Audio test setup

We do our audio tests using finest equipment: Gold Note record player, ElinsAudio amplifiers and Aqustique Quality speakers.